Commercial kitchen countertops have to be durable and reliable because no other surface suffers more damage than those. They are used day in and day out by chefs with knives, mallets, acidic liquids, and harsh disinfectants. Commercial kitchen countertops must be made with the strength to withstand all of these conditions on a more-than-regular basis while still being in good enough condition for food preparation. Because of these criteria, it is essential that you find a countertop that surpasses these needs. Below, we will discuss some of the essential commercial kitchen countertop guidelines, as well as how to choose a countertop for your commercial kitchen. 

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Three Things You Need Your Commercial Kitchen to Be

Before applying your own personal criteria to the countertop of your choice, you probably have to consider the Canadian Food Inspection Agency guidelines. It is a model of the best advice you could get for your countertop. Chances are you will need your countertop to be washable, durable, and, of courselegal. Legal? Yes, because if you are operating as a food service business, it is your job to find the definite legal obligations and follow them. Whether these obligations come from the state level or from a governing body, you need to apply those guidelines through every step in your design phase.

A Surface That’s Stain Resistant and Antimicrobial Protected

Building off what we talked about in the point above, commercial kitchens must maintain a very high level of cleanliness and sanitation. Some natural stone surfaces, like granite, do not support bacteria growth because they get as close to non-porous as natural stone can get. You don’t really even have to worry about the intense conditions that commercial kitchen countertops face with a surface like granite, as granite is known for its durability and its ability to withstand the rigors of regular use. Heat, cuts, and scratches don’t harm granite, especially when sealed and finished with durable solutions. Plus,  each slab of this natural material is unique, varying in colors and veins.

A Surface that Can Be Cleaned

A commercial countertop must be a material that can withstand the harsh chemicals used to meet code requirements. You likely already know of the specific guidelines for cleaning surfaces that come into contact with food. The good news is that most stone countertops can be cleaned using normal cleaning methods, but be wary, because some stone countertops are not suited for the harsh chemicals necessary to sanitize a food prep space. Materials like marble are not recommended because marble is a soft stone and is porous, so harsh chemicals and intense conditions will add immensely to the wear and tear of the materials. 

Surfaces like quartz, granite, tile, and even concrete are versatile, beautiful, and durable materials. Quartz especially is known for its strength and low-maintenance characteristics. The material is scratch and stain-resistant, making them an excellent choice for a commercial kitchen. 

A Surface that is Durable  

Obviously, you’ll want a countertop material that can withstand constant use. The kind of durability you require, though, depends largely on which actions you will be performing on the counter. Actions like chopping, cooking with hot ingredients, and handling heavy cookware will require surfaces along the lines of stainless steel. Countertops that are used in coffee shops, or even countertops outside of the kitchen, like a bar area, allow for more flexibility in the realm of durability, as the countertops themselves will likely not be facing the same intensity as countertops within the kitchen area. 

That being said, however, it is still important that these surfaces are strong, aesthetically appealing, and easy to clean.

Think of Placement

As we briefly stated above, when considering the right countertop for your business it is also very important to think about where you will be placing it. A countertop that is going to be used by customers probably won’t need to meet all of the rigorous guidelines stated above, especially the durability criteria, but you’ll still want the material to be strong. 

A countertop that will be used in the kitchen but away from the cooking, say, for adding the final touches on a nearly complete dish, will probably allow you more opportunities in terms of material, finish, and design. Stone is a visible option for some areas of your restaurant, cafe, etc. because of known attributes like unique design, beautiful and natural colors, strength, and elegance. 

Call the Experts

If you are looking for stone countertops in Winnipeg for your business, then speak with the experts at Solid Stone Countertops. Navigating the selection and installation process to meet your commercial kitchen design guidelines, or the guidelines of your business requires the knowledge and skilled eyes of an expert stone fabricator. Learn more about our custom fabricated stone countertops in Winnipeg that will meet your needs by calling our team today.