The bathroom is considered to be one of the main rooms in any house. It’s a small, personal space but can hold big impact, so it’s always a good space to take a critical look at, particularly when you are considering selling or renovating. Replacing cabinetry and fixtures can go a long way to creating the ambience you want in your home, or get you the best bang for your buck if you’re freshening up to sell.

There are many reasons to remodel your bathroom, from creating that spa-at-home you’ve always wanted, to updating a dated space, to increasing the resale value of your home. With a little creativity and elbow grease, a bathroom remodel doesn’t have to break the bank! You can finish a bathroom remodel with a small investment and some DIY. If you’re thinking of taking on this project yourself, here are some helpful tips to make it a little easier.


Planning is key to the success of your bathroom redesign. Start by talking to all the members of your household who will be using the space. Examine all the available alternatives together, including which fixtures they like (do they need a bathtub, or would a shower be preferable? Is one sink sufficient, or should you aim for two? Etc), how much space they need, and how they would prefer to use the space. Their input impacts the way they will feel about the finished result and how they will benefit from the bathroom renovation. Feel a bit overwhelmed by the options? A renovation contractor can help you refine your plan and give you tips to help stay on budget while getting all the updates you want.


Once you know what you want out of your bathroom remodel, you can start to develop a floor plan. Leaving fixtures where they are saves money and the hassle of moving pipes and electrical. If the floor plan you currently have doesn’t work well, or needs to be updated, knowing where the pipes/wires travel in the walls and floor can be invaluable information when you’re looking to change it up. Knowing this before you settle on a floor plan can save headaches later and make your bathroom reno easier.

<em>Large spaces offer the most options like having a tub and a large shower In a smaller space combining the two or choosing your favourite is a better bet<em>


It’s so simple but so often overlooked in a bathroom renovation. The right lighting can change the entire look and feel of your space. With so many options to consider, here are a few good lighting options for a bathroom:

Pot lights: Recessed lighting in the ceiling will light up dark areas, add sparkle to all those shiny bathroom fixtures and provide an easy-to clean general source of lighting to the room. 

Pendant lights: These lights hang down from the ceiling by a string or chain. Best used for supplemental lighting, they are great for adding direct lighting over a vanity.

Wall sconces: In a bathroom the most flattering light (and who doesn’t want flattering when you’ve got all those mirrors around?) is typically light that occurs close to your face level. Direct overhead lighting doesn’t make anyone look terribly good, so adding wall sconces at a better level will make sure you look your best. 


We shouldn’t even have to mention this one, but it bears repeating. You need great ventilation in your bathroom. A good fan does more than eliminate smells, it can also help eliminate dampness from your space, preventing mould from developing and ruining all your hard work. Always introduce new bathroom ventilation when renovating. There are so many new and improved options available that it’s worth looking into which one is best for you. Investing in a model with a motion sensor or timer can also enhance your space, especially if you have a busy family or small children.

<em>Small bathrooms dont mean you need to skimp on style<em>


As much as we’d all love that massive, magazine-style bathroom, the reality is that in most homes, bathroom space is at a premium, so it’s good to be creative. Most bathrooms require loads of capacity for towels, toiletries, cleaning supplies and more. This means you need to plan your space with some imagination. Take an inventory of all the things you’re going to need to store in the bathroom and be sure to look for vanities that will meet your specific needs. Niches and inset medicine cabinets that steal precious inches from your wall space are fantastic, and there’s always tall cabinetry to make use of the vertical space. 


It’s no surprise, your bathroom takes more wear than most spaces in your house. It’s more regularly scrubbed and heavily used, and almost all the surfaces get wet at some point or another. When you’re looking at the countertops, you want something that will stand up to that kind of use and still look beautiful day after day. Stone custom countertops are ideal (sure, we’re a bit biased, but do you blame us?) for a durable, beautiful, clean-able, splash-able space. Investing in stone countertops (whether you pick natural granite, manufactured quartz, or any of the other options) will all but guarantee your bathroom renovation will stay top notch for a long time. Adding an undermount sink makes for easy cleaning and a smooth continuous surface, and with dozens of options to choose from, there is a stone countertop to suit every space.

<em>Theres no reason you cant add a whole lot of flair to a bathroom Be bold have fun<em>


Like the countertops, the bathroom floor needs some extra consideration. You’re going to want to find something durable, washable and easily sanitized for a clean and healthy space. Of course, finding something that will look good and enhance the look of your home for a long time means you won’t feel the need to renovate again when trends change. Styles come and go, so choosing classic and ageless flooring is ideal if you want to get the best mileage out of your bathroom renovation. 


It’s easy to plan a bathroom for the present, but be sure to consider what may be in your future. Questions that you should consider: Will you sell the house soon? Do you expect to stay in your home for many years? Are you planning to grow your family? Who will be using this bathroom in the future? Will this bathroom be accessible and easy to use as we age? Having a vision for the future needs of your space will ensure that your bathroom renovation plan is not a short-term investment. 

Do you know exactly what you’re looking for? Are you still researching and looking at all the options? We can help (especially with those stone countertops we know you’ve been eyeing). We have plenty of experience in the industry and lots of ideas and suggestions. We are committed to helping you build the bathroom that works best for you!